Mission Statement

The Maine Course is Sodexo’s commitment to make a positive economic impact in the state of Maine through the purchase of local products, produce, services and responsibly harvested underutilized seafood from the Gulf of Maine. Through our daily menus, educational handouts, and inviting local farmers, fisherman and business owners to campus highlighting local Maine products.


  • 2015 Accomplishments 
    • Creation of the Maine Course
    • June:Partnership with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI)
    • Committed to purchasing 20% underloved GMRI certified whitefish at all Maine campus accounts by 2018 and 100% by 2020
    • Creation of “Shark Bites” recipe with GMRI, Maine Shellfish and Elevated Brands
  • 2016 Accomplishments
    • Automated Data template created with Maine Course and Sodexo Finance
    • Central Maine Meats partnership
    • Scaling Up event
    • January:Maeve McInnis appointed Maine Course Director
    • February: University of Maine Dining by Sodexo committed to 20% local food within first year of operation. 
    • March: Automated local foods tracking system in association with Vermont First, distributors, and supply management. 
    • May: University of New England reached 100% underloved GMRI certified whitefish target ahead of schedule. 

      Maine Course Leadership Team is created
    • June: Internal baseline created of current local food purchasing trends to help form local purchasing strategy. 

      The Maine Course and Vermont First represent their respective states at the Food Systems New England Summit in Bridgeport, CT. 
    • July: Maine Course Advisory Committee is created
    • October:Maine Farm to School
  • 2017 Accomplishments
    • 12.5% Local for Maine Course (year one)
    • Hit 19.5% Local with UMS contract FY17
      By December 2017 (FY18) hit 23% (Sodexo accounts and Orono)
    • Committed to Local Produce Priority Products
    • Partnership with Circle B Farms – Northern Maine Local Produce Distributor
    • Introduced Jarva Cakes to PFG for distribution
    • Added Local Poultry to contract with CMM
    • Working group:
      Frozen produce pilot run with Lakeside Family Farms and Central Maine Meats;
      Further research required to understand the viability of project
    • Conference presentations:
      FINE, April 2017
      National Farm Viability Conference, May 2017
      AASHE, October 2017
  • 2018 Accomplishments

o  Announcement at 2018 Maine Agricultural Trade show that Sodexo and University of Maine Orono reached 23% local food purchasing by December 2017 (UMS Contract Only)

o  Conference presentations:
Maine Farm to Institution Summit, February 2018

o  FY18: 13.5% Local Purchases

o  Farm Tours

  • 2019 Accomplishments
    • Local Purchasing for FY20: 17.2%
    • Achieved commitment to shift 100% of our fresh whitefish to Gulf of Maine Responsible Harvested whitefish
      Celebrated the achievement at the Blaine House
    • Made the Maine Grain Commitment
    • Won a Kendall Food Vision Prize with UMF, UMPI and Good Shephard Food Bank for our frozen broccoli project
    • Conference Presentations:
      Farm to Institution New England Summit, April 2019
      Maine Agricultural Trade Show
      FINE Farm to Sea Webinars: Sustainable Seafood and Maine Grains


  • Increase purchasing of local Maine grown, harvested and produced products.
  • Grow partnerships with our local community.
  • Develop shared values and bring awareness of Maine products and sustainable practices to our customers in all dining locations.
  • Provide Sodexo chefs and managers with the resources they need to expand their local impact.

Our Commitments

  • Increase purchasing of local Maine grown, harvested and produced products
  • Grow partnerships within our local community
  • Develop shared values and bring awareness of Maine products and sustainable practices to our customers in all dining locations
  • Provide Sodexo chefs and managers with the resources to expand their local impact
  • Purchase 20% local food within the first year of operations within the University of Maine system

National Commitments in Four Categories

  • Develop our people and promote diversity
  • Nutrition, health, and wellness
  • Local communities
  • Environment