Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is a group of Sodexo managers who are active both within the state and the region in bringing more local food into Sodexo accounts.  This group is tasked with creating and approving the Maine Course goals, work plan, and communication through the organization on the work accomplished through Maine Course.

The Leadership Team is made up of the following Sodexo managers:

Phil Harty - Regional Vice President

Phil-Harty.jpgPhil Harty is currently Regional Vice President covering ME, NH, VT, MA & RI and has been with Sodexo for 24 years. Phil has been a driving force in the development and support of local sourcing programs in his region, such as the Vermont First and the Maine Course statewide initiatives.

Maeve McInnis - Maine Course Director

Maeve-McInnis.jpgMaeve McInnis is the Maine Course Director overseeing the statewide Maine Course initiative to have a positive economic impact in the state of Maine. Born in Maine, she is passionate about building successful local food systems through cross sectoral collaboration.

Varun Avasthi - District Manager

Varun-Avasthi.jpgVarun Avasthi is the District Manager for Sodexo in ME and is also on the board of Maine Campus Compact. He has worked in the foodservice business for more than 25 years. In the past few years, he has done extensive work in the area of sustainability ranging from local procurement, composting to energy and water conservation. Varun has been regarded by others as “always ahead of the curve”. He is actively involved with multiple groups in advancing opportunities for the sustainable economic development of business in Maine involved with the food industry.

Dan Roy - District Manager

Daniel-Roy.jpgDan began his career with Sodexo in 1986 and has continued on and grown with the company ever since. Through his vast and varied experiences working his way up in the company he is able to have a strong and rare understanding of what is needed at many levels. Some of his greatest assets are in his leadership and communication, as he is always working to bring out the best in his employees and the programs they run.

Wendy Benney - District Executive Chef

Wendy-Benney.jpgWith twenty-seven years in the food industry, Chef Wendy Benney has tantalized palettes in bakeries, country club restaurants, hotels and corporate offices throughout the New England area. Wendy’s current focus is on local slow foods, sustainable practices, healthy eating and living using the world of grains and re-discovered foods of the past.

Tadd Stone - General Manager

Tadd-Stone.jpgTadd Stone is the General Manager for Sodexo at the University of Southern Maine and the University of Maine at Augusta.  He has been in the food service industry for over 18 years and grew up in a family that valued the importance of supporting the local community around him.  These values have helped guide him in all decisions in both his professional and personal life.

Adam Vigue - General Manager

Adam-Vigue.jpgAdam Vigue has been a college food service manager since 2003 and is currently the General Manager for Sodexo at the University of Maine at Farmington.  He is passionate about local foods because the quality is better and purchasing has a direct effect on the local economy.

Casey Guise - Area Marketing Coordinator

Casey GuiseCasey currently supports the marketing efforts for the Sodexo teams at colleges and universities in Maine and Massachusetts.

Doug Winslow - Executive Chef at the University of Maine Farmington

Doug WinslowSince 2016 Executive Chef University of Maine Farmington managing resident and retail dinning.

Robby Hebert - Food Production Manager

Robby HebertI am an avid fisherman and understand that supporting stainability by using local food whenever possible will ensure that the State of Maine can sustain itself for years to come.

Advisory Committee

The Maine Course Advisory Committee is a group of Maine stakeholders that represent the diverse sectors of the Maine food system. The Advisory Committee is tasked with providing guidance on implementing the Maine Course goals and work plan, and may engage on short-term projects on an ad-hoc basis.

The Advisory Committee is made up of the following Maine stakeholders:

James Mahoney - PFG North Center

James-Mahoney.jpgWith over 30 years in Foodservice, Jim currently serves as the VP of Procurement at PERFORMANCE Foodservice NorthCenter in Augusta, Maine. PFG NorthCenter partners with over 85 local suppliers to stay on trend and source items to meet certain nutritional needs such as gluten free, low sodium and whole grain.

Kyle Foley - GMRI

Kyle-Foley.jpgKyle Foley is the sustainable seafood program manager at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. She works with the seafood supply chain, retailers, and institutions through the Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested® cooperative brand program to build and respond to demand for regional seafood.

Betta Stothart - Ethos

Betta-Stotthart.jpgBetta Stothart is a writer, editor, and marketing professional with 20 years of experience in the all-natural sector. She started her career as a journalist in Maine and was director of marketing for two natural food companies before moving into the nonprofit sector, where she was director of communications for a large environmental nonprofit. Betta won a Golden Arrow Award from the Maine Public Relations Council. She is passionate about promoting a diverse, healthy, and plant-centered diet for Americans.

Riley Neugebauer - FINE

Riley-Neugebauer.jpgRiley Neugebauer works on farm to institution issues regionally and locally in Maine, as a part of Farm to Institution New England (FINE) and as a consultant.  She was a part of the Maine Food for the UMaine System coalition that advocated for the University of Maine System to adopt 20% local and real food goals in 2015.

John Rebar - Cooperative Extension

John-Rebar.jpgJohn Rebar is the Executive Director of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. It was under John’s leadership that UMaine Cooperative Extension has focused its work in two areas, supporting the Maine Food System and the 4-H Youth Development program.

Colleen Hanlon-Smith - Unity Food Hub

colleen-hanlon-smith.jpgColleen Hanlon-Smith is the General Manager of the Unity Food Hub, which aggregates, markets and distributes for over 60 Maine farms and food producers. Colleen has been working with Maine farmers and food producers to increase the market for Maine grown foods the last dozen years.

Lisa Webster - North Star Sheep Farm

Lisa-Webster.jpgOwner of North Star Sheep Farm. Dedicated to the future of family farms in Maine. 

Sarah Redfield - Lakeside Family Farms

Sarah Redfield is the "Farmer's Wife" at Lakeside Family Farm. For the past five years she has handled the marketing and regulatory compliance (including harmonized GAP certification) for this mid-size vegetable farm growing 30+ products. She is also the organizer for the Maine Farmers Food Hub, which aggregates Maine products for more convenient single-source delivery.

Leslie Runser - Native Maine Operations

Leslie-Runser.jpgLeslie Runser is the local foods specialist for Native Maine Operations; previously, she worked for 6 years as a specialty food and local foods buyer for the company. In her current role, Leslie works to streamline local buying for institutions such as schools and hospitals. Partnering with farmers, non-profit agencies, and the state government, she facilitates crop planning, manages safety regulations and requirements, and ensures a steady supply of local foods for Native Maine’s institutional customers.

Jedediah Beach - Farm CFO for hire

Jed-Beach.jpgJed Beach is a "Farm CFO for hire" who provides bookkeeping, business analysis, and market development services to Maine farms and food businesses via Farmsmart. His favorite thing about local foods is that it connects neighbors to neighbors.

Christopher Hallweaver - Northern Girl

Rory Strunk - O Maine Media

Joel D. Davis - Central Maine Meats

Marada Cook - Crown O Maine