Seaweed Week

by Maine Course

Posted on April 11, 2019

Maine colleges celebrate Seaweed Week!

Seaweed Week is the first thing of its kind: A harvest festival and restaurant week starring kelp! Maine's top chefs, mixologists, brewers and distilleries are putting native seagreens of all kinds front and center on the menu.

Sodexo, operating at a dozen colleges in the state of Maine, will serve seaweed throughout the week to celebrate. Students will enjoy the best of the bounty of Maine. Local food will be sourced through The Maine Course partners and menus will show off different uses of kelp and seaweed. Sodexo is proud to organize all of the campuses to serve a consistent menu so all students in the University of Maine System and other colleges will experience the celebration. 

For more information on these campuses and Seaweed Week celebrations throughout the state visit Seaweed Week's website here.