Indigenous peoples food programming at Maine universities highlights the importance of culturally accurate menus

November 07, 2023

Maine Course by Sodexo hosted a variety of events in October and early November that showcased indigenous cuisine.

Sodexo Hosts Broccoli Takeover Event at Maine Universities

January 31, 2023

The Maine Course is proud to announce a “crowning” achievement in vendor, farm to institution partnerships with Good Shepherd Food Bank and Harvesting Good. Found out more here...

Locally Grown Produce Highlighted at Maine Broccoli Takeover

January 31, 2023

So, what is the Harvesting Good and Maine Course Frozen Maine Broccoli Project? Well, it started with an idea that was planted into a partnership, developed into a plan, nurtured by Kendall Vison prizes to grow and be harvested to feed the Maine economy and its people.

UMaine Participating in Broccoli Takeover in New Initiative

January 31, 2023

Learn more about the Harvesting Good and Maine Course Frozen Maine Broccoli Project & how the hard work and dedication of many, allowed this delicious, local veggie to be enjoyed year-round!

Maine Course Collaboration for Sustainability and Economic Impact

May 25, 2021

Check out this case study, including an update on the Maine Course initiatives.

Interested in Serving on the Maine Course Advisory Committee?

August 17, 2018

The Maine Course is conducting an open application period to recruit new Maine Course Advisory Committee members to serve on this committee for one to three years. We are specifically looking for an organic farmer, a dairy farmer and a policy/research expert on on local food systems to join.