The Holy Donut

by Maine Course

Posted on March 25, 2019

The Holy Donut Goes to College

This blog post feature vendor for February is the Holy Donut famous for their Maine potato donuts. 

I had the pleasure to speak with Jacob, who runs the marketing department, and Jeff, the CEO. The Holy Donut provides locally sourced donuts that consist of Maine russet potatoes to provide that “cakey” texture that can only be experienced by a donut from the Holy Donut. Sitting down and speaking with Jeff and Jacob, you get the sense that they really care about our community and providing a delicious comfort food to start our busy days. Jeff uses the word “nostalgia” to describe the amazing sensation one first gets when biting into a Holy donut. For an older generation of Mainers, a bite into Holy donut can bring them back to the days of simplicity when their parents or grandparents put their heart and skill into the kitchen; younger generations may feel connected to their hometown and feel proud that they live in such a place that really pushes locally sourced products. There are no artificial colors or preservatives, instead Jeff told me they use all natural “vegetable colors” to create their rainbow of donut flavors and colors on display at their local shops.

I also learned that the Holy Donut has ingrained local ingredients into their food. Jacob told me, “If we can source it locally, we do.” Some of their local vendors include Pineland Farms potatoes, up in the county, to get all of their locally sourced potatoes. If your mouth isn’t salivating yet and wondering why you should buy a Holy Donut and not a conventional donut, consider the quality and hard work that happens behind the scenes to make one single Holy Donut. Jeff tells me, “It’s about quality and about understanding that when you buy local that money is staying within the state[...] a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, goes into that product […] I think you can feel good about that.” 

If you’re wondering where you can pick up these delicious donuts, go to the café in Woodbury, the café in Luther Bonney, or the Starbucks café in the library. Or check out their three locations: 194 Park Avenue and 7 Exchange Street in Portland or 398 Route 1 in Scarborough. Also, please check out their website at